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Slot Machines

How will my slot machine win affect my SSI benefits?

Q. I received Supplemental Security Income (SSI). I hit a slot machine for $1,203 in Atlantic City and was told to spend down the winnings so my benefits don’t change. What am I legally allowed to spend the winnings on? Would food shopping count as spending it down? Thank you.

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Happy couple

Is there a tax-free and safe investment for me?

Q. I’m looking at options for a tax-free, compound interest option for future needed money. I’m 64, retired, married to an 86-year-old handicapped man. The stock market isn’t dependable and my husband’s pension ceases at his death and I receive nothing because we were not married when he retired. Is

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Child Blocks

Can I start a Roth IRA for my minor son?

Q. My husband passed away a year ago and I’m receiving survivor benefits from Social Security to care for our 2-year-old boy. Can I use that money to set up a minor Roth IRA and 529 plan? He already has a brokerage account funded every month by my own money”.

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Should we convert our IRAs to a Roth?

Q. My wife and I are in our late 70s and are living comfortably on our Social Security and Required Minimum Distributions. Most of our investments are in standard IRA accounts. I have been giving serious consideration to moving IRA assets into Roth IRA’s. I know that I will have

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Tracking stocks

Should I use ‘stop’ orders for my portfolio?

By Karin Price Mueller | for Q. I have a question about using “stop orders” for my stocks and ETFs. I always had them set at 10% and when COVID hit, almost everything sold. It’s okay and I was able to buy them back at lower prices, but I got hit with

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